Cafe George :Review

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The place is perfect for a quick hearty lunch and chit chat.

 I used to like big restaurants and a lot of people. Maybe it comes with age but I fancy quieter restaurants nowadays. The place is pretty quiet and definitely the best place to meet your business partners. Actually I find the place quite ‘laysho’ in gay lingo..coz’ when we got in I saw a lot of ‘chinoys’-considered high class in Cebu. I even saw a friend of a popular jeweler . They were occupying the private section of the restaurant. The kind of people you see in the lifestyle section of our local paper. And so I thought the food is expensive until I got hold of the menu. Their food prices range from 250++ definitely reasonable.

I did not order this food but most people in the restaurant had this as their starter. I would definitely order this next time. 

We had Caesar’s Salad (👍👍👍) as our starter. It’s kind of a family habit everytime we eat out. 😄

Spicy Tuna Oil Pasta (not exactly its name..i forgot) 👍👍

Pan Seared Tanguige (fish of the day) 👍👍👍👍👍

Jambalaya Chicken and Sausage


Choco Banana Oreo 👍👍👍

The restaurant’s Chocolate Decadence  👍👍👍👍 actually won  ‘Best of Cebu: Dessert. So we couldn’t miss tasting it.

It was so good that I  forgot to take a photo. :):):)  

Owy’s Feel:👍👍👍👍 I will eat there again.


HANOI – A Province like city

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*everything I write here is based solely on my opinion

On my way home from school,  just finished one class in the morning…my bag on one hand and a plastic full of Chinese cabbage. 

Yes! You read it right! A plastic full of Chinese cabbage from school!! My employer gave it to me. They got a couple beds of Chinese cabbage right at their backyard.

It was just the other week when I went home with a plastic full of ‘manila’ clams, from school. Of course, clams don’t grow in the backyard, it was brought by the mother of my employer, and so she gave me some.

And not just two times but a lot of times when I go home with a plastic full of watchamacallits! There were even some days when my boss visits me with a meal for dinner or lunch, sometimes the office staff had to take care of me when I got sick and had a porridge ready. I’m totally speechless!

‘Your like a sister’, “Your family’s not here, no one will take care of you”, “It’s nothing, everyone would do the same thing’. These are some of their answers when asked ‘Why are you doing this”?

I’m very grateful for everything they have done without hesitations and a thought of something in return. Though someone is a foreigner, Vietnamese people treat you like your a local person but with a little bit of TLC [Tender Loving Care).

These instances rarely happen in the city.  Back in my country, in the provinces, people know almost everyone.  They live a simple life, where everybody cares for their neighbor. Whereas in the city, almost everyone is indifferent. All people are just so occupied of making money and living their dreams and a couple of friends is just enough to share your thoughts with.

Hence, one could say,Hanoi is a city-like-province.  They share food, clothes, and other stuffs. Individualism is a rare thing here.

But sometimes a foreigner like me would have this feeling of awkwardness.

There just too much closeness at work that there is a need to draw a borderline and it’s called professionalism.

A friend of mine who lives in a dorm at school, complains about the staff ‘s rudeness. Opening someone’s door without knocking, opening the grocery bag which you brought from the grocers, calling you at the wee hours, ..and other things that are not that big of a matter but makes you annoyed.

I know the office staff and other students don’t mean any harm to my friend because they think of her like their close friend.

However it should be understood that foreigners are FOREIGN. They are people who have different cultures and values.

What upsets others, might not upset you or what makes people happy, might just be a corny joke to you. But there is a need to respect that difference!

I’m not saying that the people here are rude. There are advantages and disadvantages to a place. I’ve meet really amazing people, my boss and my students are really nice. They’ve been very good since I came here. I love the culture and their traditions. I respect their faith and principles.

It’s just that sometimes we have to consider that we live in a vast world. We meet different people from different backgrounds and we should respect that.