Reckless BUS drivers on the loose

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I’ve been keeping mum about this matter for a long time now! I’ve been a victim of those reckless drivers myself  but I’m not the type to complain about everything that doesn’t seem right as long as I’m still alive and breathing! That’s what important anyways! Plus, this place isn’t my country.

But this time they just got me. I’m so pissed off and my patience just reached it’s limit.

Got back from the capital today  after strolling around with my friend.

If my memory serves me right, it was her third time to visit the city. We had a long day and finally decided to go back home.

I had to take her to the bus station for her to go back to a  province which is a 3 hour ride from the capital.

As for me, I got back in my Hostel, dead tired.  Few hours later, I woke up to a text message from my friend that she had an accident.

As she was getting off the bus, it suddenly started off without the driver checking if his passenger was able to get off safely.

My friend fell flat on the ground. She’s  got cuts and grazes and a big wound on her knee. She was in panic seeing her leg bleed like crazy. Damn that driver!!!!

The driver stopped his bus and looked out of the window. The bus conductor got off and asked my friend in their language. But since they couldn’t understand each other, the bus left, leaving my friend on the road! The nerve!


Yesterday, we rode the bus to transfer from different points in the city. That feeling when you want to enjoy a day off from work and experience the life of the local people so we decided to go around on buses.

There was this incident that we almost got killed by this reckless beings. When we were getting on the bus on the door at the driver’s side, he suddenly closed the door and started off leaving some people, including me and my friend, sweeping at the ground with one hand on the sliding door handle just to get a ride.

Are you guys bored? Do you want to see passengers fall from the bus? Does that really make you feel good?

Remember your job is to take the people from a place to another place SAFE! And that means leaving a happy passenger, who wants to ride the public transport again because they had such a nice experience.

Well, I’m not saying that all drivers in the city and the provinces here are alike, there’s always an exemption.

Honestly, I don’t know how to end this rant. I’m just really furious as of the moment!


LOVE is…

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love is like a rosary full of mystery. Love is unexplainable. Love is unconditional. Love is when you always think of someone. Love is special…
These are just some of the repeated answers in teenage scrapbooks. ‘What is LOVE?” A question that follows your list of favorite food, music, color and the likes.  Some autographs even have questions like, “who is your first love?” Questions that obviously are not talking about the general concept of love but the teenage romantic love.
Childish..that is my first meaning of this thing.
I could still remember my seatmates irritating giggle whenever the guy whom she labels as her “love” passes our room. She even confessed of having a date with him right next to the school cafeteria.
Well not strange though, the place is crowded with high school couples displaying their cheesy affections towards each other after the school bell rings.
At a young age I came up with its own definition myself.  If love is..
somebody fetching you from home to school – My father does it for me and my brother.
someone who carries your books and bag –    I always thought of myself as strong and my bag doesn’t seem that heavy at all.
someone who eats lunch with you – Well, I’ve been eating lunch with my best friend since then.
someone who gives you cafeteria-sold chocolates on Valentines day – I can buy a pack of them myself.
someone who acts like your tail, following you everywhere – Tail? I don’t need one, becoming a tailed animal is definitely not on my list of dreams.
When I started going to the University, my meaning of the word has changed for the worst. Judging from the mature environment where I am in, I wouldn’t dare feel the –so called- LOVE.
Here is my new definition of the word..
–  someone who walks with you to your house but leave just in time for your parents not to get a glimpse of who you walked with
– someone who stalks you with his eyes around the campus
– someone who shares your boring moments during intramural days
–  someone who tells you the 3 word phrase over and over again, and asking if you could spend the night with him
someone who goes AWOL because of what you told him after you spent nights together
someone who makes you look stupid after all the wonderful nights you had.. making you leave school
..not fun. Was it?
If that’s what it is then, what’s all the giggle about? the red blush on each girl’s face whenever they receive flowers? the tears? the laugh? the blooming appearance?
Then it struck me. It was all wrong. I always though of it as someone but it is actually something. It is a feeling. A unique feeling that can’t exactly be put to words. That’s why poets use it as their theme for composing such award winning pieces.
Fairy tale books aren’t enough. Novels sometimes blind you of what the reality of loving is. Great philosophers leave you with thoughts to ponder. That’s what it is.
I was inspired to write this when all people close to me seem to think of it as a problem but not as a gift. To feel love is a gift. We are humans. And humans are known to be imperfect. Thus, having problems once in a while is not such an alarming situation.

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The so called Wasted Years..Is there such a thing?

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Why are there times that tick of the clock seems eerie?

The sound it makes send some tingling sensation down our spine.
It made me think of how time plays a great role in each of us.
I’ve always stick to this notion “Everything has its own time.”
As much as some people want to be spontaneous about their lives, no matter how they force it, if it’s not the right time for it to happen then it won’t really happen, sometimes we even face bad results of our hurrying time. I have experienced one myself.
We all have bad hair days, even the person who considers himself perfect has it.  A day when everything seems to go wrong. Then we should ask ourselves, did we start the day in a good time? Did we let time slip our way? Did we make use of it properly? Who knows?
Like a cup of coffee, we should let the sweet bitter taste of it lingers in our tongue. Enjoying every drop of it is what makes it a timeless treasure. Time should be enjoyed likewise.
Last night, I had a conversation with two of my friends. They were talking about a relationship that didn’t work out and how to let it work again.
Years wasted because of a relationship that all people concerned taught would end at the altar. Tears is what’s left reminiscing the so called wasted years.
Wasted Years is there such a thing? Was it really wasted? Or is she just denying the reality that something valuable happened during those years.
Until the time when we come to acknowledge the lessons we learned from our past, there will always be ‘wasted years’.  Maybe, it wasn’t the right time to be with that person. Maybe it wasn’t the time for her to meet the man she is destined to be with. Maybe those years had the purpose of keeping her emotionally stable for the future partner awaiting for the right time.
If we hurry things, deny the past, we don’t have the right to face the future. Our past makes our future. The person that we are now is a product of the past.
Everything has time. Future has its secrets. Everything is meant to be bitter-sweet.

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