Happy New Year everyone!!

I haven’t done a lot of writing lately. I’m having trouble with net connection since I moved to my new room.

Yes. New Year, New room, quite  fit for a new start.

I’m staying in  a flat alone, yes a bit lonely for the beginning of the year. I’m still in Hanoi but quite far from the city center and I have to travel for 40 minutes by car or ‘xeom’- a motorbike for hire.

I did a lot of organizing of this and that for the last few days. Boy! I’m glad that I’m back in front of my laptop again and typing this post. WHEEEEE!!!~

Anyway, after my daily routine ;wake up (at noon ^^)-eat lunch-have a class-go back to my room, I decided to go for a walk since I’m not very familiar with the town yet.

Supposedly, I was trying to find a fruit stand for my midnight munch but most stores are closed but it was still late 8. Most stores in Hanoi close early at night. I already mentioned that before in some of my reposts from blogger.

Going back to the story, I went quite far and found a lady  fanning a corn on a grill. I’ve been craving for grilled corns since I came here, but my friends advised not to buy one because they usually sell it outside with all the smog from the thousands of motorbikes and cars that pass ever minute. Nevertheless I bought one and I think there isn’t much pollution in this part of town so, it may be a little cleaner than the ones in the city center.

Then I asked her to give me one piece in their language, which I really gave my best effort so she will think I’m Vietnamese (to avoid being ripped off; few vendors do that to foreigners) but I guessed it didn’t work and asked if I’m from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city).

I explained that I’m from the Philippines and couldn’t understand much, then she got excited and started asking questions in Vietnamese. I don’t know why they do that, even though I say ‘keum-hyeo’ which means I don’t understand. It happened many times and I got a way to make them stop, by nodding my way out and thanking them for what I bought. Fortunately, I was given my exact change.

On my way back home, I realized that I overlooked a small fruit stand at the corner. I was so happy to find one and decided to check on some apples. The vendor was an old man, he looked haggard. At first I was scared to buy because he started saying somethings and then laugh but then again I thought I was lucky enough that there is  an open fruit store.

The fruits, especially some of the apples he was selling were soiled but were still good enough so I bought two. I handed 50 VND to him and he’s supposed to give me 32 VND for a change. But he gave me 0ne 20 VND and three 10 VND bills. So I explained that I gave him 50, then he said sorry and gave me two 10 VND bills,  70 VND in all.  He was apologizing. I was so confused and annoyed.

I showed him again the the 50 bill on his hand, the one I gave him, and pointed that he gave me 70 VND. He’s expression changed and he was saying sorry repeatedly.But he gave me another 10 VND , two 2 VND  and other bills.

That moment  I felt pity. I feel so sorry for him. I got 32 VND from the money he gave me and handed the rest, thanked him and said goodbye. He looked at the money I gave him and maybe from that moment he realized that he gave me extra. He SMILED. I could never forget that smile. A genuine one. He thanked me like how he apologized repeatedly awhile ago.

I feel happy to see his smile.

I feel guilty for thinking that all vendors are bad and they rip off every foreign customer.

I hope he won’t get cheated by chance takers out there. That’s some realization for the start of 2013. ^^

God Bless us all!