The place is perfect for a quick hearty lunch and chit chat.

 I used to like big restaurants and a lot of people. Maybe it comes with age but I fancy quieter restaurants nowadays. The place is pretty quiet and definitely the best place to meet your business partners. Actually I find the place quite ‘laysho’ in gay lingo..coz’ when we got in I saw a lot of ‘chinoys’-considered high class in Cebu. I even saw a friend of a popular jeweler . They were occupying the private section of the restaurant. The kind of people you see in the lifestyle section of our local paper. And so I thought the food is expensive until I got hold of the menu. Their food prices range from 250++ definitely reasonable.

I did not order this food but most people in the restaurant had this as their starter. I would definitely order this next time. 

We had Caesar’s Salad (👍👍👍) as our starter. It’s kind of a family habit everytime we eat out. 😄

Spicy Tuna Oil Pasta (not exactly its name..i forgot) 👍👍

Pan Seared Tanguige (fish of the day) 👍👍👍👍👍

Jambalaya Chicken and Sausage


Choco Banana Oreo 👍👍👍

The restaurant’s Chocolate Decadence  👍👍👍👍 actually won  ‘Best of Cebu: Dessert. So we couldn’t miss tasting it.

It was so good that I  forgot to take a photo. :):):)  

Owy’s Feel:👍👍👍👍 I will eat there again.