Reckless BUS drivers on the loose

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I’ve been keeping mum about this matter for a long time now! I’ve been a victim of those reckless drivers myself  but I’m not the type to complain about everything that doesn’t seem right as long as I’m still alive and breathing! That’s what important anyways! Plus, this place isn’t my country.

But this time they just got me. I’m so pissed off and my patience just reached it’s limit.

Got back from the capital today  after strolling around with my friend.

If my memory serves me right, it was her third time to visit the city. We had a long day and finally decided to go back home.

I had to take her to the bus station for her to go back to a  province which is a 3 hour ride from the capital.

As for me, I got back in my Hostel, dead tired.  Few hours later, I woke up to a text message from my friend that she had an accident.

As she was getting off the bus, it suddenly started off without the driver checking if his passenger was able to get off safely.

My friend fell flat on the ground. She’s  got cuts and grazes and a big wound on her knee. She was in panic seeing her leg bleed like crazy. Damn that driver!!!!

The driver stopped his bus and looked out of the window. The bus conductor got off and asked my friend in their language. But since they couldn’t understand each other, the bus left, leaving my friend on the road! The nerve!


Yesterday, we rode the bus to transfer from different points in the city. That feeling when you want to enjoy a day off from work and experience the life of the local people so we decided to go around on buses.

There was this incident that we almost got killed by this reckless beings. When we were getting on the bus on the door at the driver’s side, he suddenly closed the door and started off leaving some people, including me and my friend, sweeping at the ground with one hand on the sliding door handle just to get a ride.

Are you guys bored? Do you want to see passengers fall from the bus? Does that really make you feel good?

Remember your job is to take the people from a place to another place SAFE! And that means leaving a happy passenger, who wants to ride the public transport again because they had such a nice experience.

Well, I’m not saying that all drivers in the city and the provinces here are alike, there’s always an exemption.

Honestly, I don’t know how to end this rant. I’m just really furious as of the moment!


Dear Mom,

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I don’t blame Him for taking you so soon. I know He has His reasons and it’s all part of the plan.

I learned a lot from life. But it’s always not the easy way. But I understand.

I miss you more than anyone can ever imagine.

I know somehow you can read this. I just know because He always listens.

Thank you for helping dad, I know he is strong but no one can understand why you have to leave us  that soon.

Now, I have an Angel. It somehow relieves me that I have you somewhere. I’m closer to heaven than before.

Coping was very hard for me when you left. I know the family members have their own way of dealing with the pain. Everyone did a good job pretending that everything is fine.

Mom, I’m tired. I’m emotionally drained. I miss the days when I go home and just be in you arms. That warmth you have, gives me the strength to go on  everyday.

Dad’s been doing a great job since.., a mom and dad at the same time, trying to fill those empty spaces you left. But there are always things that a young teenage girl couldn’t share to her dad. He won’t be able to understand what a fourteen year old daughter feels back then.

I somehow manage to get it all straight. But I could feel how different I was from other teens like me.

Loving shopping is not on my favourite lists of pastimes, and any other  lady-like stuffs.  I see dad in me. Sometimes, I feel bad when I go out with my female friends. I feel left out when they go to clothing stores. I don’t seem to feel the way they feel. I don’t have good tastes for clothes. But just to be able to fit in, I try looking and trying  some of them on.

” What do you think of this color Ella?”

“Nah, don’t ask her, she won’t be able to tell the difference. All she know is say OK.”

That hurts! I’ve been trying my best to fit in, but it always shows how naive I am to those stuffs.

Nobody seems to enjoy my “Martial Art Days”, whenever I tell them about it.

But that’s all I can share. Those days somehow gave me that feeling of security, that I belong in a group.

I’ve got  more to learn. I’m trying to be as lady as I can be which is really not the real me.

I miss you mom.