This is my third post for today! WHEEE! I made a record!

I got nothing to do for today so I decided to share my adventure in Ninh Binh.

If you want to go on a two day trip with less budget and sure to have a good time, just follow what my two friends and I did! It’s all worth the effort! You’ll surely love it! Take my advice on that!

Exactly a year ago, my colleagues and I decided to go on a two-day trip away from the noisy and busy Hanoi.

First, we got on a bus going to Nam Dinh at a bus station in My Dinh, Hanoi. It took us three hours from Hanoi to Nam Dinh City.

Upon arrival we left our bags in another friend’s flat. But if you don’t know anyone in the city, you can find a Hotel nearby. There are small, cheap but comfortable hotels. Vietnamese people call them ” khách sạn” pronounced as /kaksan/. You just have to show your passports or a residence visa if you have one.

Then we had lunch at “Big C”- a supermarket her in Nam Dinh. Since, the trip is exhausting and it definitely makes you hungry, a fast food would be a good choice. I recommend trying an ice cold “nuoc mia“-sugarcane juice. It’s totally refreshing.

Right after lunch, we went around the supermarket to buy stuffs for our day trip tomorrow. I would recommend to buy the following:

1.  a bottled water (one for each person)

2. a biscuit or something to munch on

3. a wide brimmed hat

4. sunblock (a must if you don’t want to go back to the city soot black)

5. comfortable shoes and clothes if you don’t have one

After all the shopping, it’s time for some relaxing time so we got our teeth cleaned in a humble dental clinic in Truong Chinh St.. It’s very cheap about 50, 000 VND. But don’t expect a super white teeth after, you got what’s worth your pay. (wink)


Not far from the dental clinic, there is another supermarket (apologies for not remembering the name) . But surely you can’t miss it if you ask. The people are really approachable.

On the top floor of the supermarket, there are bump cars.

It’s time to let out that inner child in you! Time to ride bump cars!

Guess what?

I did just that! It really feels good! ^^

And on the same floor, you’ve got to try their 5D movie theater which movies’ only last for ten minutes. The chairs will just shake you a bit, but it isn’t that bad! ^^

Third thing to do for the day is to reward yourself with a sumptuous meal after releasing that child in you. LOL

There’s only one Korean Restaurant in the City. I personally know  the owner, he is  one accommodating guy. The “samgyupsal” – grilled meat is just so filling!


Back to the room……..sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep~


Day 2

We rode the bus going to Ninh Binh City at 6 in the morning.

It takes about an hour from Nam Dinh City.

When we got to the place, we got on a small boat which will cruise you around the river and through the small caves and back.


The cruise will take about 3 hours. There’ll be some Pagoda/Temple’s to visit along the way.

You have to be prepared to climb long steps to enjoy the place.

Be sure to buy scorched rice which is a specialty of Ninh Binh City. It’s crunchy and savory. It’ll be a good gift to friends when you get back in the city.

For lunch, you have to ride a taxi and ask the driver to take you to a nearby restaurant, about 5 minutes from the river. It is owned by a local family. It’s actually a house, where they use an extra space for the restaurant.

You’ll be given a menu but I suggest ordering the honey chicken they got. I find it really tasty and it suits foreign taste buds, if you are not used to Vietnamese food yet.

The owner of the restaurant is really accommodating, and they offered to let us take a nap in a spare room they got next to their house for free. ^^

After the relaxing nap, it’s time to get our bodies moving and prepare to climb the hundred steps going to the biggest Buddhist temple in Vietnam.The Bai Dinh Temple is one great temple. On the way to temple, you’ve got to climb a hundred steps and along the stairs are giant Buddha statues. There are about 500 of them.


After visiting the temple, it’s time to treat yourself with the favorite dessert of Vietnamese people – ice cream.You can get one in the city center. I just love Vietnamese ice cream! It’s not too sweet but it’s got that  kick in it!

From the city center, you can hail a taxi or a bus to Nam Dinh City.

We got to Nam Dinh at half past eight. It was so tiring but really worth the walk not to mention the climb. ^^

For dinner, it’s good to enjoy “Bun Cha”- the very famous rice noodle of Vietnam. There is one in Truong Chinh St.

The best way to end the day is a relaxing bath in the hotel.^^

Day 3

Time to go back to the capital. You can catch a bus at Nam Dinh Bus Station. There is a sign board that says Hanoi in front of the bus.


If you decide to do the trip, leave me a comment, I’ll be glad to help.