I was visiting my elementary school for an internship.

The place seemed like the time where I left it 20 years ago.

As I entered the gate, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of students inside. I wondered if it was a vacation season.

I knocked on the faculty room and met two former teachers in elementary. One was sitting behind the table to the right of the door. Above her table is a glass panel overlooking outside the office.  There was a small opening on the glass enough for people to put their hands into. Maybe it is used for the handing out cash payments or if anyone comes to visit and pays the tuition. I wasn’t sure, maybe it was for that purpose. I realized the place was used as a classroom for grade one back then. They reconstructed it to look like a small office.

As I’ve said there are two people in the room, the other one was lying on the sofa just right in front of the door which when opened would show the long sofa, like the ones in those hospital clinics. The teacher was lying on the long sofa, both feet towards the door, as if she knew that I was coming .

She gave me a warm welcome and offered me to take a seat at a table that seemed nowhere before but is now just next to the sofa.

Someone came and opened the door, it was my former classmate in elementary . We went to the same university but I never bothered being close with her then. She was in a different class in the university. Her name is Cefe.

We both greeted each other awkwardly, but at the back of my head I was relieved to find someone of my age.

The teacher offered us food, but there weren’t any packed stuffs to serve us.

Cefe was bold enough to go through a small garden at the back of the office and opened some closed pots along a line of other pots. I realized there is a small eatery just behind the office. But I hesitated saying that I didn’t bring money to pay for the food.

Later, I realized that I was eating with Cefe in the same table. I was hungry after all.

My colleagues from a previous English Center came and told me they just want to hang out in a pool nearby the eatery. At this moment, Cefe is out of sight. I wondered if she left and continued the internship.

‘ Why are you here? Don’t you have classes today?”, I asked my former colleagues.

They said it was Saturday and there is no need for them to go to school. That explains why there weren’t a lot of students.

Few hours later my friends were having a good time  swimming while I was alone in the corner watching them. I couldn’t swim well like the rest.

” Marj, you should teach Ella how to swim”, my thought s were interrupted with a comment from my former colleague.

” Yeah, we can practice in the sports center in the city.”, I added, feeling happy that someone sympathizes with me.

Marj, a colleague, agreed to teach me but asked me to show what kind of swimming skills I got.

I quickly jumped to the pool and showed my beginner swimming skills. I swam noisily. I use my feet to paddle and move across the pool. It was hard for me to use my arms.

I enjoyed the swimming pool splurge and didn’t notice the time. When I got out of the water, the place was empty. I realized everybody already left.

I went out of the glass door but then realized it was an entrance to another street. I found my friends waiting outside with their motorbikes, while I had to close the sliding door and lock the glass one after that.

They zoomed out of the place and I was left on foot, for I don’t have any motorbike. I didn’t get one since I don’t know how to drive.

But for some reason, I wasn’t angry, upset or anything. I was just happily walking on my way home. Then I noticed someone very familiar.

He’s a boyfriend of my colleague. A Japanese guy who came to visit to see his girlfriend. He was from a vacation, I thought.

‘ How’s Sarah?”, he got surprised hearing the question and realized that it was me.

We talked for sometime but it ended when we had to take different routes home.

When I reached the subdivision, I noticed something was wrong.

“OH MY GOD!’ I exclaimed when I saw the streets overturned. One thing’s in my mind. Tsunami! It’s the end.

People were running around me. They were all in panic. At thatgreen moon moment, all I think about is my family. Were they able to survive?

I rushed to my house, running towards the squirm of people in different directions.

When I’m about to reach the corner, I saw fire across the road. It burned the cemented road. I looked out and tried to find what caused the fire.

I saw people ducking. They seem to be looking above.

I saw a familiar but scary sight. It’s like the one written in the books. The revelation is true.

I didn’t know it would actually come to this. The end of mankind is indeed happening.

What I saw   above the dark skies is the moon with a golden streak across it. It was terrifyingly beautiful. The streak was like that of Saturn.

I was very frightened!
I noticed that the streak changes it’s length. It gets longer when it’s ready to strike an attack.

The fear was inexplainable. I couldn’t bear the sight of people running to God knows where, just to save their lives. Tears running down my cheeks. I thought of my family.

My mobile phone rang. It was my sister. Her voice was calm.

” Are you still in the house? What are you doing? You got to go out of there. We got to move somewhere far! Out of there now!”

Just then, somebody running towards me collapse. He was hit. I looked up. It was the moon. It turned green. They call it ‘The Crazy Moon”.

Like in a computer game, it releases out something, different in every hit.

Gas fumes everywhere, the people are still in panic. I witnessed a lot of people getting hit by the moon. They all collapsed in front of me. I found myself hiding behind the bush, trying to avoid the moon hovering above the street.

Then I saw familiar faces. I saw my brother. They were standing in front of the store, I mentioned earlier when I was talking to them on the phone. I told them to meet me there. I ran towards them and grabbed my father’s hand.

I told them to run as fast as they could and duck when they see the moon.

Then the green moon was right above us. It was small, the size of a basketball.  It seemed to purposely hit our family. I was going crazy, I had to think of a better solution, then it released something.

Somebody was surely hit.

It was too late. It was my dad. He was hit at the back of his neck.

It was some kind of round green liquid. It melted and released gas. My dad was chocking. He passed out. I was furious. I was scared. I wanted to die there and then. What should I do to save him?

I screamed! ” Water! Give me water”!

The neighbor was fast enough to offer water.  In no second, I poured it right to where the wound is.

Dad? DAD?! DAD wake up!!!!

Cough. Cough.

He was fine!

We continued running.