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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear Tabitha,

I never thought I would understand Hanoi, Vietnam ever.. the people, living conditions etc. herein. And so, I spent my free time surfing the net looking for answers just for me to survive this new land.
Fortunately after few hours of mouse clicks, I found your page. It was an incredible discovery for me. Page after page opens up new realizations. I was really happy to know that I’m not solo experiencing all the new stuffs,….everything is as it is used to be, it’s just that everything is new so it does seem weird.

It all started seeing dirty stuffs and how slapdash Hanoians seem to be. I wouldn’t say I came from a super clean country but I was raised to observe neatness everywhere I go. And it came as a shock when I bought my first bread here in Hanoi. I can vividly remember that scene, it was like a slow-mo from a movie. The title of the scene would be ‘HANDle with care my bread’. (pay attention to the capitalize word). I thought, why would the vendors do that when in fact I bought that particular bread in a known bakery..more of like the well-known French Baker back in my country.

Well, that was just one of the so many culture shocks I got from Vietnam. I judged them as the dirty apologies, but now I realized how they trust others so much. That realization came to me after a few months but it would take years to do how hanoians do there thing. I mean, I won’t eat the bread given to me by hand. But seeing that sight casually would be acceptable. I could say I won’t be as dumbfounded as before.

I really appreciate how you made me understand the place that I’m living in right now. I couldn’t have been more flexible without  me reading your posts. Thanks a lot! Do continue giving realizations to new hanoians like me. ^^

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..Thai Express**

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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Sunday morning, hear at Thai Express..waiting for a former colleague.

It’s my Sunday morning routine.. attend church at ten and eat somewhere with
former colleagues. Sounds fun right? Well, actually it is..hmm.. except for the fact that I have to hurry just to be at the center before one.
I would really want to enjoy my Sunday morning. The only day where I get to have a day off!
… it really a day off? How can a morning off be a day off, if I have a class in the afternoon.
Alright enough with that thinking..I don’t want today’s post be another rant..^^..what’s important is I’m doing great.

Now, let’s talk about this restaurant where I am in. This is one of the famous chains here in Hanoi and probably around the world coz’ it sounds so familiar..I’m pretty sure one branch of this can be found in my country.

It’s my second time here and the place is really great. They serve good food and definitely comfortable. It is located near the famous Hoan Kiem Lake.

ReALLY comfy huh,,I want to write more about it ..but I might do it later…have to start eating..before everything gets cold…forget about my former colleague, she’ll get here when everything on my plate is gone..hahaha

*this picture is from google. I didn’t take one when I was there.

** this was a posts from my Blogger(google) account.